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Issues with roofing or insulation in the house or in the offices are very common. Ost people suffer the issues because of not hiring the right contractors within time. We believe that you are smart enough to avoid such mistakes. If you come across such an issue in your house or in your office, you can contact us immediately. We are based in Bakersfield, CA, and our services are available in the surrounding areas also. Here you get the following service attributes:

  • Quick and timely response to the issues by our support team
  • Skilled professionals to take care of the tasks
  • Reasonable charges and timely accomplishment of the tasks

Best Roofing Solutions

The roof of the house is very important, and it often comes across issues such as; leakage, damage, it may even get broken. You must repair these issues as early as possible. We have the right people to take care of any roofing issues in your house or office. Call us now at 1 (661) 398-7910. You can find below how we successfully accomplish the roofing issues.

Best people are sent

We send the experienced and skilled professionals at your place to thoroughly examine the issue and provide a suitable solution accordingly. They know their job the best

Detailed inspection

Our skilled people will thoroughly inspect the project to make sure the right issues are attained. This will not just solve the issue, you can expect a long term solution from our guys

Reasonably charged services

What distinguishes our services from others in Bakersfield is our reasonable and competitive charges for various roofing projects. You can try our services out by simply visiting us

Best Solution for Home Insulation

A proper insulation system is now used in most houses for increased thermal and moisture resistance. This is a very good option for sure, but like any other system in the house, the insulation may also get damaged. If you are looking to have genuine solutions for the insulation system, you can get in touch with us. We have the best people who are trained to offer you the best solution for any of the insulation issues. Even if you are looking for a hybrid insulation solution, you can call us at 1 (661) 398-7910. They will reach your place within time and our professionals are properly equipped to provide you the best solutions.


At Master Roofing & Insulation Bakersfield you get a wide range of services that include Roofing, Insulation, Window, AC, etc. You will always receive great solutions for any of the related services.

Roofing Service

We have a team of roofing experts that can handle all your roofing needs in an efficient manner.

Solar Service

We offer quality solar panel installations. We can also help you with cleaning and maintenance.

AC Service

We provide air conditioner installation, repair, and replacement services in Bakersfield, CA.


We offer reliable and affordable insulation services for the homeowners in the Bakersfield area.

Windows Service

We provide professional window installation and repair services at very competitive prices.


We have been serving in Bakersfield, CA for over years and by far, we have accomplished hundreds of projects for roofing, windows, ACs, and insulation. Below here you can find some glimpse of real works by our professionals. This will certainly inspire you to hire us for quality and genuine solutions.


We believe that customer satisfaction is the best advertisement for our services. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and you can see here what they have to say about our services.


If you have queries related to our services, you are welcome! We appreciate valuable queries from our customers and we have a dedicated support team to answer such queries. Contact our support team anytime with your questions and they will be more than happy to help you.


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