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We have been providing the most genuine Roofing and Insulation solutions. Below you can find some of our real-life working examples for inspiration

Roofing Service

Roofing problems are of different types, but this is where you receive standard solutions for any roofing issues, be it a residential property or commercial property. Receive great service at the most reasonable price

Solar Service

Our professional and skilled solar contractors will fix all the solar panel related issues. Be it installation or repair, here you get the best solutions at the most reasonable price. Hire us for regular maintenance

AC Service

Air Conditioners require timely maintenance in both residential or commercial properties. Simply get in touch with us for a hassle-free experience. From installation to repair and maintenance, get the best solutions here


You may be having a problem with the home insulation system, this is where you get the right solutions! Our skilled and experienced professionals will not just examine the issue perfectly, you will get the best solution

Windows Service

From the new window installation to repair and maintenance, we have the best team of experts to deliver the best solutions for any window services in Bakersfield. With us, say goodbye to any window related issues.

Residential and Commercial Roofing and Insulation

The roof is the only part that is exposed to nature and it faces all the hardships – rain, dust, heat, wind, etc. No matter how hard you try, if you do not follow regular maintenance, the roof will be damaged after a certain time. A replacement will be the only solution then. Whatever the issues are with residential or commercial roof, we have accurate solutions for that. From installation to repair and maintenance, we serve all these needs with the help of our efficient contractors. We serve the Bakersfield, CA, and surrounding areas and you can contact us for any of your needs. We have been serving genuine Roofing, Insulation, AC, and Window solutions for both residential and commercial properties for over years. Our commitment is to deliver you the best value for the price that you spend on any of our services. Get in touch with us to hire our skilled professionals.

Our Quality Services

We offer the standard solutions for Roofing, Insulation AC, and window issues. Check out some examples of our work below

Efficient Roofing Solutions in Bakersfield, CA

The importance of a solid and well-maintained roof for both a commercial and residential property is enormous. The safety of the entire house is very much dependent on the quality of the roof. However, issues with the roof are very common. You may come across leakage problems, or it may get damaged with time. Only quality maintenance and repair services can solve such issues. And that for you need to hire the best professionals with adequate experience and expertise in the job. They will understand the situation better than anybody else and will provide the solutions accordingly. Not all roofs are created equal and based on that the maintenance you are looking for may also differ from others depending on the specific conditions of the roof. You need contractors who can examine the problems with the roof and provide you customized solutions for that. We offer a range of roofing services that include; Re-roofing, Roof Repairs, Roof Maintenance, Installation, etc. We have an excellent team of trained and experienced professionals who know their job the best and can provide you immediate solutions. Whatever your roofing requirements are Kern County Roofing Insulation has the best solutions for you. We always use the best materials for roofing solutions and that ensures the longevity of the results. If you stay in Bakersfield, CA, feel free to get in touch with us at 1 (661) 398-7595. Our support team will respond to your specific queries and you can also book an appointment with us.

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We have already served more than hundreds of clients in Bakersfield and the surrounding area. Let’s see what they are saying about our services.

John Lopez

The guys are truly awesome! I hired their services for repairing the window shafts, I must say that they have done an excellent job. Reached on time and did what was required. Thumbs up!

Lisa Williams

I was suffering some severe roofing issues for quite some time. A friend of mine suggested these guys. As I stay at Bakersfield, so I hired these local guys. They have done a decent job. Impressed with their professionalism.

Daniel Smith

I was looking for genuine roofing contractors in Bakersfield and luckily got to know about Expert Roofing & Insulation. They know their stuff and I am quite happy with the final result. Value for money for sure!

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